Our Story

Our business at Rooster Yarns has grown out of three passions: high quality natural fibre yarns, sustainable and ethical trading, and crafting with friends.

Our journey began three generations ago as wool merchants, sourcing and trading in top quality wool products worldwide. Quality, sustainability and ethical trading were as important to us then as they are today.

Through the decades, we have developed excellent relationships with mills across the globe to bring you the best in natural fibre yarns, along with beautiful Fair Trade hand-dyed yarns from Manos del Uruguay and Addi Needles.

Hand dyed yarn

Why Rooster?

Rooster Yarns was borne out of our desire, as crafters, to work with really good, natural fibre yarns and so began our journey into developing the luxury yarns we are renowned for today. The name Rooster Yarns was perfect since our knitting group often met at a farm where chickens roamed freely. What a beautiful environment to knit in with friends!

Our Products

As our undyed yarns grew in popularity worldwide, we looked to diversify our product range and support local yarn shops and online retailers. Providing high quality natural fibre yarns has always been our priority. We introduced our own brand of coloured hand knitting yarns, and added fine hand-crafted needles, hooks and accessories from Addi. More recently, our own-brand range of yarns were replaced by the beautiful hand-dyed yarns of Manos del Uruguay

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Responsible and Sustainable

Rooster is passionate about supporting local communities and ethical practices. Our yarns use natural fibres and are sourced from manufacturers that support animal and environmental welfare.

Our needleware brand Addi is committed to creating jobs for local people. The only European manufacturer with such a broad range of products, 93% are manufactured in Germany.

Manos del Uruguay are also highly committed to these values. They provide local jobs and opportunities for women in rural areas and ehtically sourced natural fibre yarns.

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