Addi Accessories

Addi has many accessories to make your knitting and crochet more enjoyable.

537 2 addiShapes triangle2 SoMe 1

AddiShapes 536-2, 537-2, 538-2

Make perfectly formed bags and baskets with these handy birchwood bases. Available in a choice of Circle, Oval or Triangle shapes. Each set contains 2 bases, 1 large and 1 small.

620 2 addiMultibag Etui Textil Stricknadeln Haekelnadeln stimmung rgb

AddiMultibag (620-2)

On-the-go storage for all your knitting needles, crochet hooks, addiClick, addiCraSytrios and crafting accessories. This handy roll-up case features four detachable sections for mixing and matching.


402-2 AddiBears Needle Huggers

8 needle huggers - hold knitting needles together and keep your stitches on the needles

860-2 Addi Nest

860-2 Addi Nest

Felt case for up to 11 Addi CraSyTrio short needle sets

407-2 Addi Love Stitch Markersv

407-2 Addi Love Stitch Markers

Stitch markers in the form of little red Addi hearts

416-2 Addi Stitchfix

416-2 Addi Stitchfix

Click these handy hearts onto the cord of your circular knitting needle to stop your knitting from sliding down the needle

413-2 Addi ToGo

413-2 Addi ToGo

With Addi ToGo, the stitches stay where they are meant to - on the needles. Ideal to secure stitches on circular needles. Now available in packs of 10 (433-7/434-7)

412-0 Stitch Counting Frame

412-0 AddiSquare Stitch Counting Frame

Stitch and row counter frame for measuring tension on knitted swatches.

409-7 Needle & Hook Gauge

409-7 AddiTwin Needle and Hook Gauge

Heart-shaped needle gauge for measuring crochet hooks and circular knitting needles from sizes 1.5mm to 15mm

404-7 Needle Gauge with Knife

404-0 AddiDimension Needle Gauge with Retractible Knife

Needle gauge with retractable knife. Needle sizes 1.5mm to 10mm

Wooden needle gauge

535-2 AddiColibro Wooden Needle Gauge Set - NEW

Wooden needle gauge set for measuring knitting needles, crochet hooks and AddiNovel square knitting needles

414-7 Row Counters

414-7 Row Counters

415 7 addiCounter elektronischer Reihenzaehler row counter madeinGermany frei1 rgb

415-7 AddiCounter Electronic Row Counter

Slip this handy digital row counter on your finger to keep track of your knitting

420-7 Addi Moon

420-7 Addi Moon

Endless pompom fun. 4 ring sizes that easily open and operate

482-7 Cable Stitch Pins 7 & 10mm

482-7 AddiChampagner Cable Stitch Pins 7 & 10mm

Curved stitch pins for all your cable projects

902-7 10 Assorted Darning Needles

902-7 10 Assorted Sewing Needles

Packs of 10 sewing needles of mixed lengths

921-0 25 Darning Needles

921-0 25 Darning Needles

280-7 Thimble ring

280-7 AddiStrike Finger Ring Yarn Guide

Yarn guide from spring steel, to make stranded colourwork easier

608-7 Embroidery Scissors

608-7 AddiGoldMarie Embroidery Scissors

602-2 Stainless Steel Scissor with 3 different functions

609-2 Stainless Steel Scissors with 3 different functions

418-0 Mohair Brush

418-0 Mohair Brush

530-9 Wooden Box - Crochet Hooks

530-9 Wooden Box - Crochet Hooks

182-7 Stitch Holders

182-7 AddiSupport Stitch Holders

Pack of two stitch holders to hold stitches for short rows, collars, sleeves, etc. while you’re working on another part of your project.

Horsty and Owlie (871-0 & 873-0)

Horsty and Owlie (871-0 & 873-0)

282-7 Cable Stitch Pin 205 & 4mm

282-7 AddiClassic Cable Stitch Pins 2.5 & 4mm

Stitch holders for cable knitting

768-7 Addi Click SOS Cords

768-7 Addi Click SOS Cords

Use the SOS lifeline cords to mark and secure a row if you need to unravel some rows when knitting complicated patterns. Contains 3 cords (60, 80 & 100cm)

699-7 Heart Stopper

699-2 Heart Stopper

For use with the Addi CLICK interchangeables. Create Tunisian crochet hooks in a variety of sizes, or use to secure your project on an Addi cord.


496-2 addiFusselStop Lint Remover

Battery operated lint remover

419-7 Cashmere Comb

419-7 AddiClean Pill Remover Comb

Easily removes pilling from cashmere and other woollen garments while protecting the wool

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