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680 2 addiClick WollyHugs Innen rgb

Rooster Yarns

Addi Click Set by Woolly Hugs (680-2)

Developed in collaboration with craft expert Veronika Hug from ‘Woolly Hugs, this extensive AddiClick set contains:

  • 8 pairs of Addi ‘basic’ interchangeable knitting needle tips (3.5-8mm)
  • 5 interchangeable crochet hooks (4-8mm)
  • 4 AddiSOS cords
  • Plus a range of original Addi accessories including gold plated scissors, tape measure, darning needle, AddiLove stitch markers, Addi heart stoppers, needle gauge and more.
680 2 addiClick WollyHugs Aussen rgb
680 2 addiClick WollyHugs Rueck rgb
680 2 addiClick WoollyHugs Zubehoer rgb

Addi Click Set by Woolly Hugs (680-2)

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