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Addi Express Knitting Machines

Knitting is child’s play with the Addi knitting machines. Addi Express Professional and Addi Express Kingsize knitting machines are easy to use even for non-knitters, simply turn the handle and watch your first knitting creations come to life!

A wide range of pattern books and accessories are also available with Addi knitting machines. .

880 2 addiEi rgb

880-2 Addi Egg


990-2 Addi Express


890-2 Addi Express Kingsize


899-7 Addi Express Spare Needles

Contains 4 white needles: 1 black needle and 1 needle for casting off

899-2 Addi Express Stopper

899-2 Addi Express Stopper

With the Addi Express stopper you can set the web width of your knitting completely when flat knitting

889-7 Addi Express Hook

889-7 Addi Express Hook

Quickly and easily pick up dropped stitches or use when casting off

Turbo knitting book

992-0 Turbo Knitting Book

addiExpress Turbo Knitting2 new cover

996-0 Addi Express Turbo Knitting 2

addiExpress Kingsize new cover

892-0 Addi Kingsize Express Book


976-0 Addi Woolly Family Book

addiExpress Combination Technique New Cover

981-0 Addi Express Comb-Techniques

896 0 addiExpress Buch Cover EN rgb

896-0 'Winding Instead of Knitting'

875 0 Winding up nautical stitches

875-0 Winding Up Nautical Stitches

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