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Made in Germany

Addi has been producing knitting needles and crochet hooks for 186 years in the German town of Altena, and the family company is now led by the sixth generation.

In order to craft the perfect needle, Addi’s team of skilled experts will sometimes take up to 25 production steps – to make sure it does the best job it possibly can.

Addi’s experience, innovation and commitment to top quality products will ensure your customers are delighted with every purchase.

Quality and comfort

Addi’s philosophy is simple – when customers buy Addi products, they deserve the very best.

Addi needles are renowned for their quality and ergonomic design. Carefully crafted with innovation and comfort in mind, every product is the result of extensive research and development to make sure it does the best job it possibly can.

Many of their products can be comfortably used by people with arthritis and other conditions – great news for crafters everywhere!

Sustainable and ethical

93% of Addi’s products are made in Germany by hand – only 7% are sourced from elsewhere.

Addi is committed to creating jobs for local people and guaranteeing you can trace the origin of their products.

They are the only European manufacturer with such a broad range of products – an important consideration for many customers in a globalised world.

The Addi Philosophy

“Those who wish to create something unique with their own hands place high standards upon themselves and their tools.”

Addi strives to offer fine hand-crafted needles and accessories to meet the diverse needs of knitters and crocheters everywhere.

Their high quality products are made with 100% precision and come in a choice of materials including metal, bamboo, wood and more.

With such a wide choice of products and top quality, it is no surprise that Addi needles are so popular with crafters worldwide.

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