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Rooster Yarns

Addi ToGo (413-2)

With the Addi ToGo hearts, the stitches stay where they are meant to be – on the needles. The ideal accessory to secure stitches onto circular needles but also works for single pointed and double pointed needles.

​Addi ToGo are available in 2 sizes:

Small for needle sizes 1.5 – 5mm 

Large for needle sizes 5.5 – 10mm

Product code 413-2 = 1 small, 1 large piece 

Product code 433–7 = 10 small pieces

Product code 434–7 = 10 large pieces

434 7 addiToGo 10Stueck 4c
413 2 addiToGo Nadeln RGB

Addi ToGo (413-2)


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