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Addi Needles

Addi”s philosophy is simple – when customers buy Addi products, they deserve the best.

Addi needles are renowned for their quality and ergonomic design. Carefully crafted with innovation and comfort in mind, every product is the result of extensive research and development to make sure it does the best job it possibly can. In order to develop the perfect needle, Addi’s team of skilled experts will often take up to 25 production steps to make it comfortable to use. Many of their products can be comfortably used by people with arthritis and other conditions – great news for crafters everywhere!

Here at Rooster, we stock and supply the full range of Addi knitting needles, crochet hooks, sets and accessories. You’ll be amazed and inspired at the huge choice¬†of products and sizes to choose from!

We are happy to send printed catalogues to retailers on request Рplease contact us. 

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Circular Needles

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Straight Needles

Double Pointed Needles e1618064342640

Double Pointed Needles

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Crochet Hooks

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Addi Express

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Interchangable Tips and Cords

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